Woke Minneapolis school system escalates discrimination

Minneapolis’ public school system is so woke and progressive that it’s going to start openly discriminating against teachers based on gender, gender identity, and race starting in the spring of 2023. But don’t worry, they don’t. than discriminating against “over-represented teachers” (i.e. white heterosexual men and women).

In fact, the school is simply implementing the practice of being anti-racist as proposed by author Ibram X. Kendi. In his New York Times bigoted bestseller “How to Be an Anti-Racist,” Mr Kendi wrote, “The cure for past discrimination is present discrimination and the cure for present discrimination is future discrimination.” After all, as Mr. Kendi often claims, “it’s not enough not to be racist, you have to be anti-racist.” Confused? Let me break it down. If you are white and don’t want to be racist against non-white people, all you have to do is support racist policies and practices against white people, including yourself.

In March 2022, I made a TikTok video talking about the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers strike. I had just started my journey of creating conservative videos on TikTok. In my video, I was very critical of the narrative coming from the teachers’ union that the strike was ‘for the kids’. I was furious with their story. Whereas ‘the kids’ were just getting back to normalcy and structure after a two-year hiatus from in-person learning for virtual learning, which led to rampant absenteeism and an explosion of youth crime in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The shutdowns to in-person learning have also widened the already huge achievement gap between white and non-white students. My video resonated with some people and racked up 30,000 views. Since then, I’ve gained nearly 50,000 subscribers, averaging over a million views per month through my videos.

One of my subscribers sent me an article written by local media company Alpha News and asked “if I had read or heard about it?” And it jolted my memory. At the time I made this video talking about the teachers’ strike, I had read a few articles that talked about contract negotiations. A significant portion of these negotiations focused on “promoting hiring and job protection for teachers of color.” During these talks, a specific policy proposal was aggressively pushed. A proposal that originated in the summer of 2017 based on a final report titled MPS Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA) and Hiring Practices, which, if accepted and implemented, would allow for outright discrimination against “over-represented teachers” with regard to layoffs and job offers.

Like all public sector unions, seniority rather than merit is a policy framework for the union and workers. This truth is exemplified by the last in, first out (LIFO) policy when it comes to layoffs and job offers. The last people to be hired are the first to be fired if there is a layoff. The same philosophy applies to internal job postings. Seniority provides the first chance to apply for new openings. This has been standard operating policy for unions ever since unions became a thing. It is in this practice that the problem of the new proposal to significantly increase the number of teachers who are not from “overrepresented” populations arose.

For years, some members of the Minneapolis Teachers’ Federation have called for addressing perceived racial disparities in teaching. Which meant hiring more teachers of color. With Minneapolis being the epicenter of the murder of George Floyd and the catalyst for the international explosion of the BLM movement, a schism has been created. This divide pitted the socialist labor collectivist left against the socialist racial identity left. This division led to a kind of conflict that played out in left-wing forums and online media. It came to a head during the Minneapolis strike with the Socialist Racial Identity Left claiming victory.

As a conservative, it’s great fun to watch the socialist labor collectivist left clash against the socialist racial identity left and eat theirs. However, it is far more important to remember that it is students in the Minneapolis public school system who will be most negatively affected by this policy. If we are real, the whole concept of seniority and tenure rather than meritocracy is a broken concept that leads to a stagnant education system – a system that lacks innovation because new, innovative teachers are always the last and the first. went out.

The Minneapolis public school system continues to have huge disparities between black and white students. In 2021, only 19% of black students were reading at grade level and only 9% were proficient in math, while white students scored 74% and 62% respectively. With the dollar per student at its highest level ever, the disparity persists. Adding this extra layer of discrimination and bigotry makes an already terrible policy even worse.

At this point, if you are the parent of a student in the Minneapolis public school system or any other school system who decides to adopt this sectarian policy, your options are limited. Get your kids out of public school and homeschool them. Or start really advocating for school choice and vouchers that allow taxpayer dollars to follow their child to a school of their choice. Continuing what the Minneapolis public school system is doing is clearly not working.

• AK Kamara is a small business owner and member of the Project 21 Black leadership network. He can be found on TikTok @akkamara.

Jeremy S. McLain