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From July 14, 2021: Epic Charter Schools was just given an additional four months to determine how it could fully comply with a settlement agreement that preserved its sponsorship by the Statewide Virtual Charter School Board.

The problem is the fact that Epic has maintained a single board of trustees with the same members for its two legally separate schools, while the two schools share administrators and many teachers.

Because public funds for the two schools have been found to have been mixed in previous years, the terms of its 2-month consent agreement with the virtual board require Epic to have shared services agreements — board-approved. directors of independent schools – if this continues to share employees.

After Tuesday’s virtual school board meeting, Epic superintendent Bart Banfield expressed some frustration, but said the school administration would use the extra time just allocated to determine if the two schools will be able to meet. ‘Epic should even have two separate local boards – or should it pursue even more radical change into one school.

“We have already gone through so many changes before this consent agreement was considered,” Banfield said. “But it gives us more time for conversation, both for ourselves and with them (the statewide virtual board).”

The Statewide Virtual Charter School Board sponsors Epic One-on-One, Oklahoma’s largest online public school, and five other smaller statewide virtual charter schools, all of which are open to any child living in Oklahoma.

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Jeremy S. McLain