Two Point Campus review: School management simulator with charm

While 2018 Two Points Hospital was considered a spiritual successor from 1997 Hospital Theme from Bullfrog Productions, it also served as a blueprint for future spinoffs in a classic genre with limitless possibilities for new settings. Now with Two-point campusTwo Point Studios hopes to expand its initial offering with a college-themed sequel.

The results are a delightfully detailed expansion in a fun new setting that brings new ideas to existing systems without diluting the charm of the original.

Using the backdrop of campus life, the game retains the same humor as Two Point Studios’ previous title, while adding plenty of color and humor that adds to the highs and lows of student life. .

But where Two-point campus playing gallery for laughs, it still manages to deliver enough quality and granular attention to detail that makes a previously dated genre feel fresh and exciting in 2022.

The studio has maintained its diligence with business management simulators, to craft a memorable, light-hearted experience with a level of depth its claymation-style veneer would lead you to believe. Read our full review below.

How we tested

Our experience with Two-point campus was based on the Xbox Series X/S version of the game, spending time on each of the various campuses building programs and courses; as well as hiring staff, throwing student union parties, and obsessively installing hand sanitizer stations outside every classroom.


  • Evaluation: 8/10
  • Release date: August 9, 2022
  • Platforms: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac
  • Classification according to age: 3+


As an administrator, players are tasked with taking struggling campuses from the bottom of the college rankings and developing them with student well-being, grades, and experience in mind. These are important factors in the quality of the standing of the school.

In the beginning, schools start with little more than an empty room to begin building the basic necessities of campus life, such as dormitories, bathrooms, lecture halls, and classrooms.

Start building your campus, piece by piece


After gradually expanding over the school year, new facilities such as pastoral care and even marketing departments to promote the school to potential applicants can be unlocked as the game progresses. The goal is that at the end of Two-point campus different scenarios, each school can start operating like a well-oiled machine.

Each school has a particular area of ​​focus, from a STEM-based university to a copyrighted potions school of sorcery. With each new campus presenting its own challenges, stakeholders must adapt to the needs of the student body to build a successful program.

Each scenario has its own challenges, such as “Knight School”


As each school must be built from the ground up, there are a number of different customization options, as long as they meet the basic requirements. Dorms, for example, require little more than a bed, desk and wardrobe, but benefit from custom furnishings and luxuries such as a working heater.

Fortunately, each piece can be saved as a template and copied and pasted to meet the needs of a growing number of students, with the added setting of posters and other decorative items to give everyone a unique style.

The same goes for other facilities, with the possibility of equipping student unions and lounges with arcade machines, vending machines and other accessories to improve the attractiveness of the school and to entertain and nurture. students.

“Cheeseball” is the college sport of choice


Although some of these options were locked behind “Kedosh,” a form of currency earned by completing tasks, the massive volume made it difficult to locate some of these items at times. Commonly used items such as trash cans and hand sanitizer dispensers could be easily added to a favorites list, but less frequently used, but often requested upgrades required more careful reading in the selection screen dense.

Like a large part of Two-point campus focuses on the student experience, with larger campuses housing large numbers at once, faculty management also plays an important role. Each staff member can be divided into three categories: teachers, assistants and janitors.

Teachers may be employed to lead classes in specialist subjects such as “Scientography” or “Internet History”, while Assistants may be employed as librarians, on-site doctors, union bar staff, or vendors of kiosks, and janitors act as gatekeepers for other operations, such as cleaning and maintenance. They can even be employed for security when rowdy invaders from rival universities begin to invade the player’s unassuming school.

Let love flourish on campus by building benches


Staff can also be trained to specialize in other roles, whether to enhance their existing level of expertise or decide to give them a broader set of skills to use on campus, such as motivational talking or brisk walking to get to class faster. .

At one time, a pastoral counselor may have been trained in the art of “comic timing”, which sounded like a horrible idea, but the results had a positive impact on the overall happiness of the students after their visit. Two-point campus is filled with those moments that allow a pinch of ingenuity into its systems, just to see how those would play out with often unexpected results.

The verdict: ‘Two Point Campus’

Although he never takes himself too seriously, Two-point campus is a hugely complex game that unfolds gradually through later scenarios – and, by the time the player gets there, is intuitive enough to never feel overwhelming by the amount of options available. The game does well for playing the class clown, but it’s deceptive enough to hide a lot of grade-A material under its desk.

But beyond its quirky humor and (admittedly understandable) fixation on cheese-based snacks, Two Point Games’ latest title is another successful case study in exploring classic simulators. It sums up everything that has made Bullfrog Productions Theme series of essential games from the late 90s, and continues to deliver that experience as a spiritual successor.

“Two Point Campus”

Jeremy S. McLain