Two Arrested, School Management Tried to Cover Up Incident, Says Her Majesty Narottam Mishra

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Interior Minister Narottam Mishra said on Tuesday that two people, including a school bus driver, had been arrested in connection with the alleged rape of a nursery child by the school bus driver.

He also said at first glance that the school management tried to cover up the incident, therefore the school management would also be questioned.

The other person arrested in addition to the school bus driver is an escort.

Police say the three-and-a-half-year-old kindergartener who studies at a prestigious school in Bhopal was sexually harassed by her school bus driver last Thursday.

The attendant, now arrested, who accompanies the children on the bus to ensure their safety is also believed to have been present on the bus when the crime was committed.

According to the police, the child’s statements suggest that she was sexually harassed on several occasions. The same is under consideration.

After the girl returned from school, her mother discovered someone had changed the child’s clothes with the spare set kept in her bag, a police official said.

The mother then inquired with her daughter’s class teacher as well as the school principal, but both denied having changed the child’s clothes.

The child then complained of pain in her private parts.

Her parents gave her confidence and counseled her, after which she informed them that the bus driver had abused her and had also changed her clothes, the police official said.

The parents went to school the next day to complain to authorities and the child identified the driver, the official said.

The girl’s parents filed a complaint with the police on Monday following which an investigation was opened, Deputy Commissioner of Police (ACP) Nidhi Saxena said.

The CPA said a case was registered under section 376-AB of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (rape of a girl under 12) and relevant provisions of the Protection Act Children Against Sexual Offenses (POCSO).

Police are trying to determine the exact location where the incident took place, she said.

The victim’s medical report is awaited, the official said.

(With input from PTI)

Jeremy S. McLain