The United States must restructure the school system

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Primary school pupils sitting in a classroom being taught by a teacher in the North East of England. The students answer the questions with their arms in the air.

What was y=mx+b and why is it important? How does an 18-year-old high school graduate know how to do his taxes? Why is the school system one size fits all rather than allowing students to excel in their careers of interest?

For many years, the American education system was stuck on one system. A yes or no answer where it fails to teach students useful life skills to help them.

Students who have just graduated from high school are expected to know how to live in the adult world when in reality they hardly know the real financial issues such as doing taxes, what is the process of taxes , invest in stocks, etc.

Students should be required to take courses in finance to organize budgeting and other hard skills that will help them not blindly enter our society.

Students also face cultural expectations and bring them into the adult world unprepared, which makes it harder for them to take on certain responsibilities.

Although most high schools offer courses like business math, the teachers don’t go into specifics, which might confuse students even after they graduate from high school.

If we can restructure a work week, we can do better for our children’s future. Why should little Johnny think he’s completely useless because he can’t solve a math equation when his main subject of interest is history or politics?

Students lack confidence in their efforts/work. This does not mean that everyone gets a participation trophy. It simply means that the education taught in the school must be geared towards the best interest of the student or risk losing their enrolment.

Think of the more useful members of society we might have if the students were interested in architecture or agriculture.

A 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. desk job sending emails in an office chair is not a dream job you really love. It might be a stable career, but you slowly die inside if you don’t like what you loved learning in your career in the first place.

The school teaches discipline and obedience rather than creativity and ability. Good grades are a sign of obedience and do not always match learned criticism.

Many schools claim to prepare young people for what comes next, but in reality all they do is send them to the sharks.

The only course taught that is used in everyday life in the adult world is English, apart from the fact that all other courses are forgotten and never used.

Courses like finance, career planning, or anything to help students develop life skills will help them understand and not be afraid of what comes after high school.

Preparing students for the consequences of high school will improve the chances of our future world and any generation to come.

It is finally time to hold school board members accountable and demand a change in the modality of curriculum instruction.

If no changes are made, we are just setting these students up to fail.

Jeremy S. McLain