The school system does not skimp on quality pizzas

Quality comes before price when it comes to pizza in school canteens.

The principal of schools recommended bidding almost eight times the lowest bid for the school nutrition pizza program.

The county’s financial management committee met Tuesday evening and during the meeting, members discussed offers for the pizza program. This is one of the first years that they had other bidders and the different brands were scored on a rubric to determine the best choice.

“They took offers for the school nutrition pizza program, which is one of almost everyone’s all-time favorites. They had to go through a scoring process based on a number of different areas,” said the Director of Schools, Dr Grant Swallows “Bullseye Brands has been the company we’ve been dealing with for several years, long before I came here and before our Director of Nutrition. It’s not the lowest bid, but it’s is based on the rubric. It was the highest score with better quality and better service and therefore it is the one we recommend for approval.

Bullseye Brands’ bid is $254,548 and the lowest bid was from Palmer Food Service at $31,347.

“Has that been a typical price?” commissioner Scott Rubley asked.

“So I think we went into this process because we didn’t get a lot of offers,” Swallows explained. “Bullseye has been the only offering the last few times so we’ve gone out and tried to get some competition and that’s a dramatic price difference but at the same time this Palmer Food Service is not something that we’ve dealt with it before and finally that’s why we felt we had to go with someone familiar.

“We’re basically looking at eight times the price,” Rubley said.

“It’s dramatic, definitely,” Swallows said.

Swallows explained that there is a committee that does the grading of the rubrics that is made up of members from the school system and central office. He says the low supply worries him as much as the high cost of the brand last year.

“The fact that the lowest bid is $31,347 concerns me as much as the value of the other. It’s impossible to supply a quality product all year round at this price,” Swallows said.

The committee voted to approve Swallows’ recommendation to go with Bullseye Brands.

Jeremy S. McLain