The school system authorizes a bonus of $1,600 for each employee | News

Employees of the Morgan County charter school system woke up Tuesday morning to an early Christmas surprise.

On Monday evening, the Morgan County School Board, in a unanimous vote, approved a one-time bonus of $1,624.25 for each of its approximately 500 employees. According to Dr. Virgil Cole, superintendent of the Morgan County charter school system, the spending of more than $750,000 will come from a variety of sources, including federal stimulus funds, local funds and funds from the unrestricted fund balance. of the school system.

After taxes, Cole said Monday night, each employee can expect a system payout of $1,500.

“These payments are our way of thanking each employee for the extra work, sacrifice and exceeding expectations as we have worked to stay in school during this pandemic,” Dr. Cole told employees in an email. that he sent to all employees on Monday evening. moments, only moments after the board approved the plan.

“I hope you will join me in thanking our Board of Trustees for their support as well as our Finance Department for releasing them in a timely manner ahead of winter break,” Dr. Cole wrote.

Dr. Cole said on Tuesday that the “vast majority of funds” would come from federal stimulus money the system has received which could potentially be earmarked for “continuity of service” and “hazard premium”.

“There was a lot on them,” Dr. Cole said of teachers, administrators, para-pros, bus drivers and system maintenance personnel. “There were some very difficult and stressful times.”

He said the bounty checks were a reward for staff who continued, despite a pandemic, to “provide an essential part of a child’s life”.

Morgan County Board of Education Chairman Andrew Ainslie III said Monday evening after the announcement that the system’s ability to adapt and evolve during the pandemic was exemplary of planning and foresight.

“We as a district have been very lucky,” he said. “It’s thanks to great leadership.”

Jeremy S. McLain