The public school system had stopped teaching children long before the pandemic

If the school year that is now ending has taught us anything, it is that the public school system prefers to indoctrinate rather than educate its students.

The school system was created to teach students academically and morally, and to prepare them for the next phase of life. The pandemic has proven that most public schools will let go of that responsibility when given the chance.

Instead of returning to in-person instruction as soon as science dictated, public school officials clung to superstitions and refused to give up remote learning. We knew as early as May 2020 that COVID-19 is not a threat to children and that classrooms are not the superspreading sites teachers feared they were. The failure to reopen for the 2020-2021 school year is inexcusable, and the blame can be placed squarely on the country’s teachers’ unions. But the implications go far beyond reprimanding the unions.

The results of this distance learning experience were devastating. Students in all grades began failing their classes at alarming rates, and many all but stopped showing up. A survey found that teachers across the country expect at least a third of their students to repeat a grade because of the amount of learning they have lost. In North Carolina, more than half of the state’s high school students who took standardized end-of-course exams received “non-competent” grades.

Low-income and minority children have been hardest hit by simulation within public school systems. A December analysis by consulting firm McKinsey & Company found that white students were one to three months behind in their math learning, but non-white students were three to five months behind. It could take years of color for students to catch up, educators predicted.

None of this seems to bother public school administrators, who have long abandoned traditional subjects such as math in search of a curriculum more respectful of social justice and devoid of real educational content. According to this new curriculum, it doesn’t matter to the public school system that students drop out of biology, as long as they understand the unscientific subject of transgender and the “gender spectrum.” Classical literature was deemed culturally insensitive, replaced by more modern, waking readings, such as Ibram X. Kendi. How to be an anti-racist.

Pandemic or not, public schools are no longer interested in teaching your children.

This is not an exaggeration. Unsuspecting public school parents across the country have shared horror stories about the left-wing propaganda being taught to their children. In New York, for example, the Fairport Central School District released a new curriculum this year that requires fourth graders to sit in “restorative justice” circles, in which they are taught that racism runs deep. in their community.

In Virginia, the Loudoun County Public Schools District was caught handing out a graphic to students describing Christians and whites as “privileged” groups, while women and minorities were described as “oppressed.” “Privileged” groups, according to the district’s diversity training, contribute to a “culture of white supremacy,” from which oppressed groups suffer. In other words, if you are a Christian, you are an oppressor.

In Iowa, the Ames Community School District asked students of all grades to participate in a “Black Lives Matter at School week of action,” during which they received a coloring book page that said, “Everyone can choose whether they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or someone else, and no one else can choose for them.

This kind of nonsense happens everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you live in a blue or red state – if your kids go to public school, that’s what they learn. As former Attorney General Bill Barr recently said, what is happening in the public school system is a “full-fledged” attempt to subvert the traditional Western values ​​that a good education imparts, and replace them with the radical orthodoxy of the new left. Teaching students that they can choose their own sex not only undermines basic science and parental authority, he said, but it also attacks “the very idea of ​​natural law.” Forcing deeply controversial and divisive ideologies such as critical race theory on young children is nothing less than an attempt to make little Marxists out of them, he added; just replace “racial antagonism with class antagonism”.

Parents need to see the public school system for what it is. He failed our children academically, but that failure was deliberate. Public schools don’t want to teach students what matters. They want to teach children to be leftists who cannot keep up with their school subjects.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made that goal much easier. The only way to reverse this trend is for parents to wake up and take their children elsewhere – before it’s too late.

Jeremy S. McLain