The local school system recognizes students’ talents

JACKSON, Tenn. – The Jackson Madison County School Board held its monthly meeting, showing appreciation to those who have shaped the mission of the school system.

“We had a demonstration of recognition from the students. We have excellent students and they exemplify our motto of the best in all respects in all areas, athletics, arts and academics,” said school board chairman Pete Johnson.

The meeting continued with two amendments. One being the architectural agreement and the other the construction management agreement with the Pope project.

Officials say that with the Pope project, there was language that needed to be fixed.

“The project being K-8, we actually changed it to Pre-K-8. So all the names had to be changed and also the dollars that the county commission funded the project with had to be the same in both documents,” Johnson explains.

The council held four elections Thursday night for president, vice president, parliamentarian and legislative liaison.

Some of the new board members explain what motivated them to join the board.

“It’s what I want to do and after spending seven years with the county commission, I had an idea and got involved. I’ve been to work sessions, I’ve been to school board meetings, but being on this side now is exciting,” says District 4 Council Member Jason Compton.

The new board members are eager to continue the work that has been done.

“If we pour into our teachers, our teachers are going to pour into our children and into our results every decision that we make, every decision that I make on this board, does it benefit our children? And if it’s not, it’s not a decision worth making,” Compton says.

The school system will continue to support and celebrate its students throughout the school year.

Jeremy S. McLain