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Sheralyn Roman believes in equal access for everyone to a safe and inclusive education.

And she takes that belief on husting in a bid to be elected as a trustee on the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. She is running against three candidates to represent the Dufferin-Caledon area of ​​the council.

Voters will make their choice on October 24.

“Our goal should be one that focuses on providing the resources necessary for every child to succeed,” Roman said. “Furthermore, I believe that educators, in consultation with various experts, are the best people to determine program content rather than specific interest groups.”

She believes the role of the school counselor is to advocate for families facing a difficult situation for a child or children. Trustees are the advocates for the school and parish community with different levels of government over funding, she said.

“They address issues of concern in education as an advocate for all teachers, staff and administration,” she said. “We work together to find solutions to the various challenges facing education.

Roman would like to see improvements in how and where education funding is allocated, how results are used and “where opportunities exist to do better to ensure that every classroom has what it needs to promote student success,” she said.

Students, teachers and other school personnel must be protected from the coronavirus. Security needs to be strengthened with better COVID-19 protocols.

Roman said the role and purpose of the Provincial Office for Education Equality and Accountability (EQAO) standardized testing needs to be reviewed.

“In a world where nothing is standard, I think EQAO’s significant funding could be better used elsewhere,” Roman said.

She said she has been involved in nearly every aspect of the education system, from parent volunteer, parish representative and parent council president to substitute teacher on an emergency call. She has also helped young learners read individually through the All-Star Reading Program.

“I was involved in the school system for many years,” she said.

She said her time as a parish representative and participation in parent council during her high school years provided her with valuable insight and understanding of the challenges facing education.

Roman is a former instructor at Sheridan College School of Business. She has a background in human resources and now works in communications and does a lot of volunteer work in the community.

“These latter skills are essential for building and maintaining relationships with my fellow administrators and working with parents, parish, teachers and administration to resolve issues with mutual respect and deliver results that everyone can support” , said Roman.


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Jeremy S. McLain