School system responds to concerns of Tangipahoa Parish teacher after claiming mold in classroom made her sick

AMITE, La. (BRPROUD) – The Tangipahoa Parish School Board is investigating mold allegations in local schools.

Keytha Quinn teaches at Lucille Nesom Memorial School in Tickfaw.

On Tuesday, September 21, Quinn went to the school board and spoke about her experience since returning to school after Hurricane Ida.

Quinn can be seen from 58:26 below:

A transcript of what the Tangipahoa parish teacher said is provided below:

“I stand before you as a parent and employee. After Hurricane Ida, our schools suffered a significant amount of damage, including water damage. I returned to my classroom in the same condition as 2 weeks ago (missing ceiling tiles, mold, exposed insulation). As the day progressed I developed a cough and chest tightness I can only imagine how my students felt inside and because of their age did not or could not express the change in their body.

Prior to tonight’s meeting, I went to urgent care for my sudden illness due to poor air quality at my workplace. I now take several medications including an inhaler. I also have a sixth grader who has pre-existing medical conditions that I kept at home due to school conditions. I prefer my child to learn at school and interact with their peers. Parents want their children to be educated but safe schools!

I stand before you again as a parent and employee who suffers from the lack of cleaning in our schools. I know protocol is that you don’t all give feedback, but the seriousness of the situation requires a public response from you. By remaining silent, you put a bandage on a gunshot wound. My manager told us that she had sent several emails to the proper authorities (all of you) with no progress, still two weeks later. My personal priorities have always been God, Family, Work…in that order.

You mentioned how well equipped and trained the crews that were sent to our schools are, I stand before you to inform you that those crews that were so well equipped failed and they failed terribly!
I applaud your efforts in the recovery process, but the safety of me, my students and my child is TOP PRIORITY.

Thank you.”

Keytha Quinn provided these photos which show the damage caused by various schools in the parish:

Quinn says the Urgent Care doctor concluded her current condition most likely stemmed from “exposed insulation that was wet from leaks and missing ceiling tiles.”

Even with the continued efforts of the Tangipahoa Parish School Board, Quinn encourages teachers in the system to voice their concerns until they are heard.

The Tangipahoa parish teacher would like everyone to know that she “has been an educator for 9 years, 6 years officially with TPSS. I am very passionate about my work and my students, their education and safety has always been my top priority. It’s not an easy task, but I like to take on challenges every day! »

Jeremy S. McLain