School System Expands Telehealth Services to All Elementary Schools | Local News

MOULTRIE, Ga. – The Colquitt County School District will restart and expand a medical assistance service this coming school year to all elementary schools.

“Each elementary school as well as GEAR will have access to telehealth treatment for students in partnership with physicians at Colquitt Regional Medical Center,” communications director Angela Hobby said in a news release shared Monday.

The service originally launched at Stringfellow Elementary, Okapilco Elementary and CA Gray Junior High in 2015.

Hobby explained that the service was temporarily suspended for several reasons.

“During the break, we were able to procure enough new and updated equipment to restart and expand to all elementary schools,” she said.

The Packer Health Clinic program allows for faster assessment of medical needs, reduces the spread of any contagious condition by eliminating the need to visit a doctor’s office, and provides faster access to treatment once diagnosed by the doctor.

This program benefits both the student and the tutor, Hobby said. Students can receive medical care for minor cases and parents benefit from not having to leave work.

“We are thrilled to bring this service to our elementary schools,” said Suzanne Sumner, RN, school nurse coordinator. “For parents and families having difficulty leaving work or [who] working out of town, having the ability for their child to be seen virtually by a doctor quickly and, if necessary, have a diagnosis and treatment plan established will be a huge relief and time saver.

Parents must complete a registration form provided by the student’s school nurse and provide a copy of the student’s insurance card to participate in the telehealth service.

Additional forms are available on the CCSD website and will be distributed to upcoming open house.

School nurses will continue to provide on-site care for students’ minor health needs and assist with the day-to-day management of students’ existing medical conditions.

Nurses will also be able to assess students for acute illnesses such as sore throats, earaches, and rashes. They may also have lab tests administered for viruses such as influenza and streptococci.

The Packer Health Clinic is made possible through a partnership with the Colquitt Regional Medical Foundation, the Global Partnership for Telehealth, and the Colquitt County School District.

For more information on Packer Health Clinic services, please visit

Jeremy S. McLain