School system cheats another black student out of valedictorian honors: The Diary of Steffanie Rivers/WATCH

Layla Temple and Ikeria Washington (MSNBC screenshot)

* More than 66 years after Brown v. Board of Education ordered the desegregation of public schools, some black students in Mississippi are still struggling against Jim Crow-era practices by school administrators. At least four families claimed their high school seniors were stripped of valedictorian and salute honors.

The latest incident occurred at West Point High School where Laila Temple and Ikeria Washington were forced to share their respective status Val and Sal with two white students after their parents complained and bullied educators in a questionable grade point average recount.

Ghost classes and last-minute GPA calculations have Jasmine Shepard and his mother, Dr. Sherry Shepardreliving their own bad experiences from 2016. That was when Shepard graduated from high school in Cleveland (MS) where Shepard’s standard operating procedures were violated with impunity so a white student could share valedictorian honors .

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Dr. Shepard and her daughter told me about their experience and why they decided to sue their school district. They joined forces with West Point families to fight back. Click on the video above to find out what happened with their lawsuit and how it could help prove a pattern of racial discrimination for future cases.

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