School leadership set to lead 2022 National Senior

South Africa: Today, schools are reopening for the fourth term of 2022, and MEC Majuba welcomes all teachers, non-teaching staff and learners from a well-deserved break.

Schools return at a critical time in our school calendar, as everything points to final exams in all classes.

MEC Majuba asks that, as a collective and individuals, do everything humanly possible to consolidate the work to be done and do it more effectively and efficiently.

With less than 19 days left until the class of 2022 takes their final exam, he wants to take this opportunity to present to the community of Mpumalanga our state of preparedness.

All due procedures have already been put in place to ensure that the progress of the 2022 exam follows the rules and regulations provided.

This is to ensure that everyone maintains the integrity and credibility of the review at all times.

Since the year 2010, the Department has been able to manage an uneventful examination process, and it is hoped that the same success will be achieved this year as well.

The grade 12 exam of 2022 will be the largest in the history of writing such an exam process, and for this reason, it is necessary to be extremely vigilant and more meticulous in all material aspects of the management of these examinations.

71,582 full-time candidates have registered to take the 2022 Senior National Certificate Examination.

This is the first time that the Province has recorded such a high number, and I must say that I am extremely encouraged and happy because it confirms that the majority of learners who enter our system at grade R, the majority of they are doing in grade 12, said MEC Majuba.

Bohlabela district registered 16,812 learners;

Ehlanzeni district registered 19,722 learners;

Gert Sibande District recorded 16,403 learners and
Nkangala district registered 18,645 learners.

All of these candidates will write to 566 schools, which are now called exam centers, for exam purposes. 39 of these examination centers are independent schools.

The Department has already appointed 566 Chief Wardens who undertook induction from September 7-14, 2022.

The Department will deploy resident instructors on a rotational basis to 39 independent schools administering these exams.

There are eight (08) schools in the province that will be offering Grade 12 for the first time, and Resident Instructors have already been appointed to help administer the exams for these schools.

Bukhosibetfu Inclusive School is the only center to administer the South African sign in the province.

All learners will be required to abide by the rules and regulations of these exams and as such will be required to sign the Good Conduct Pledge on Friday, October 21, 2022.

MEC Majuba visits Phillip Ndimande Secondary School in Emalahleni Local Municipality to observe this process.

The Department will provide all learners with Irregularities Awareness Leaflets on transgression of examination rules to ensure that they are always aware of what to do and the consequences of transgressions related to these examinations.

The Department has granted permission to 24 schools with limited space to use alternative venues such as churches and community halls to take the exams.

Learners who do not have official identity documents have been provided with temporary identity cards to allow them to take the exams.

There are approximately 2000 learners who were unable to submit their official South African identity documents.

I therefore wish to encourage all parents to make it a priority for their children to have such important documents as birth certificates and identity cards.

Parents should go to the office of the Ministry of Interior to seek the necessary assistance.

The Department will work with all law enforcement agencies, including SAPS, to provide the security necessary for passing the exams.
Strict adherence to norms, standards and procedures for handling exam material will be enforced to enhance credibility and avoid security breaches.

MEC Majuba further asks every citizen in the province to help ensure that the final exams of 2022 are conducted well in a conducive environment.

Exams will begin at full scale on October 31 and run until December 7, 2022.

Handwritten grading will begin December 9-22, 2022 at 19 grading centers across the province.

The Department has already appointed 5,401 correctors, 841 examination assistants, 150 administrators and captors and 57 center directors have yet to be appointed, bringing a total of 6,449 correction and support staff.

The selection of markers was done centrally and a list was distributed to Directors, Circuit Managers and Subject Advisors for verification.

Chief editors and internal moderators will be oriented on October 27, 2022.

The final grade entry process will take place on December 23, 2022 before normalization.

The Department will announce the results of the Year 12 examinations on Friday 20th January 2023 at the University of Mpumalanga.

All learners will need to return to their respective schools that day to collect their transcripts.

Ultimately, he wants to take this opportunity to send his best wishes to the class of 2022 and mentioned, “Your 12 years of sacrifice and hard work are about to yield positive results. Your stamina and commitment are aimed at producing lasting results.

Additionally, he said you need to stay focused, humble, and committed to the goals you set for yourself. Continue to respect your teachers, your parents and the time you have.

Jeremy S. McLain