SAF School Management Software Product Review

What users like about the app

“Teachers can enter their notes from anywhere using the smartphone, which makes work easier. Also facilitates the work of recording notes and exam results and saves time and energy. »

“What I like the most about the software is the file processing, which allows uploading student records and staff details using templates.”

“What I love most about SAFSMS is its simplicity and user-friendliness, as well as saving time and effort.”

“Ease of use. It makes the job of recording grades and exam results much easier and saves time and effort.”

“It’s user-friendly with a variety of ways to operate, search, enter almost anything school-related, from student records and results to administrative features, account features, and more.”

What users don’t like about the app

“What I like least about this software is the unavailability of a chat button for software users.”

“Loading takes time and if you are working and stop, you have to reload again and enter your password to use it.”

“To be sincere, the database must be properly worked. There must be consistency in the delivery of your service so that you do not lose customers. »

“The security of the software should be tightened so that you don’t have to use MySQL to check certain things when your clients are somehow lacking.”

“It’s not really mobile-friendly. It is difficult to work with SAF on mobile, especially when imputing student scores. »

Jeremy S. McLain