Rooftop Concert at St. Raymond School

St. Raymond educators had fun on the roof during a special event at the school on September 28.

It was an exciting back to school on Wednesday, September 28 at St. Raymond School in Mount Prospect.

Anyone walking past the school would have found Vice-Principal Tom Foster dressed as Elsa and singing “Let It Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen” on the school’s rooftop. PE teacher Tim Ciprian and PE assistant Charlie Davis also joined the “rooftop party” as other characters in the film.

St. Raymond students voted for Foster’s karaoke performance as an incentive for their fundraising goal; a wig, dress, and make-up were introduced as additional incentives after students reached their initial goal in the first week.

Susan Fedor and Margaret Puska created her Elsa costume and Karisa Disano, school parent and professional makeup artist, even gave it a makeover.

Crime Prevention Officer Greg Sill, Fire Department Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Miller and Fire Chief John Dolan (MPFD), also a St. Raymond graduate, were all there to keep the public and artists.

With 97% of the 462 students participating in the fundraiser, SRS was able to raise over $78,000 for new science and social studies materials.

“Each year we are overwhelmed with the support we receive not only from students, parents and staff, but also from parishioners and the outside community,” Principal Mary Eileen Ward said. “This year’s Mr. Foster Singing Incentive Award has really created a fun energy at school.”

“The campaign has been a great way for the community to look back on the past two years and ‘let go’ as we begin a new school year with song, success, and a celebration of all that is great at St. Raymond,” commented Foster. .

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Jeremy S. McLain