Publication of the school management committee manual

CHENNAI: As the government considered the School Management Committee (SMC) to be an important body at school level comprising parents, local representatives, school officials, members of self-help groups and educators, the new manual for members plays an important role at the local level. body that can transform the functioning of schools.

A senior official in the school education department told DT Next that a six-page guide will be handed out with instructions to registered members, which will be followed by the SMC.

The manual contains more than ten “ordinances” which include the safety of girl students in schools.

The official said: “We have made sure that in accordance with the order, we will cooperate with this.”

Stating that in order to rejuvenate all the schools, full re-enactment is being carried out in all schools, the official said that training regarding SMC re-enactment and the roles and responsibilities of SMC members has been provided to several resource persons of State.

He said sensitization training on SMC has been conducted for district education officers in all districts. “Training has been provided to SMCs (selected teachers) in all districts by state resource persons,” he added.

Training regarding the replenishment of the SMC and the roles and responsibilities of SMC members was provided to several state resource persons, said a senior official with the school education department.

Jeremy S. McLain