Picklesimer shares video about potential school system

Following the April 19 Chelsea City Council meeting, where an ordinance was read for a special municipal election, a video of Mayor Tony Picklesimer was posted on the city’s Facebook page.

Here is the information he shared in the video:

“I want to speak to you directly about the potential formation of a Chelsea City School System. The future of our community is our children and education is the bridge that connects our children to their future.

We are considering the formation of Chelsea City Schools because we believe it is best for our children, their future and our community. We firmly believe that this offers them incredible opportunities

An opportunity to have new and improved facilities for our middle and high school students for the first time in generations and to do so in a timely manner; without having to get approval and line up like we do with the county school system.

Opportunity to form a local school board made up of neighbors from here Chelsea, whose only mission and objective are the students of our Chelsea schools.

Provide additional locally funded teaching units to reduce the number of student teachers in our schools

Start offering pre-kindergarten in our two elementary schools

Added new career and technical programs, more advanced and gifted programs, and a wide range of electives

We can have competent staff in place to design and plan the educational programs of the school system according to the needs of our community

An opportunity to positively change the educational experience of our students and, in doing so, positively impact their future

The formation of a Chelsea city school system will put us on a par with the best school system in our state.

This will come at a small cost to all of us through property taxes, for the average Chelsea household it will be less than $1 a day. It is, however, the best investment we can make in the future of our children.

It is something our children and our community deserve.

I believe investing in schools and the future of children and the quality of life they bring is a great investment.

I believe that from a business perspective, as we improve our schools, we will improve our property values ​​and be more desirable for the growth of retail and commercial businesses in our city.

I will be hosting a series of town hall meetings in the weeks and months to come to discuss this initiative. I invite the residents of Chelsea to come and be part of this discussion, to hear the facts for yourself, to separate the truth from the unknown and false assumptions coming from outside our city by those untouched by the decision nor will they have a vote.

Ultimately, that decision is up to you. It will not be a Montgomery piece of legislation or a decision of your city council. This decision will be made by the voters of the town of Chelsea.

I believe it is as it should be. The time has come, it is within our grasp and the time has come.”

Jeremy S. McLain