Northern civic body launches online school management system

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation launched an online school management web application on Tuesday. It will contain details of the students, staff and status of the 670 schools under the civic body.

Insisting on the move, North Corporation Commissioner Sanjay Goel said earlier that details about schools and their students were needed on various occasions for policy implementation, but the civic body had to deal with a delay due to the cumbersome process of collecting these details.

Implement policies

He added, “Through this online school management web application, it will be very easy to implement policies regarding schools and students. From now on, all the information will be available in one place.

Northern Corps Director of Education JK Jain said that in addition to details on the total number of staff and students in each of the civic corps schools, information on the status of each school, teacher assignment, student to teacher ratio and libraries are also included on the web application.

He said: “For example, there are also details of the progress of work going on at a school. This is an online system that contains all the required details and is available on the North Corporation website. It was a huge exercise in terms of collecting details.

Additional Commissioner of Civic Body (Education), Sunil Bhadu, said principals of civic body schools have been provided with login credentials to update information regarding their respective institutions in a timely manner.

Jeremy S. McLain