New learning and teaching methods in the private school system to improve students’ skills in PHL

PILLARS of the local education sector, especially private school owners, are encouraged to adopt new ways of teaching and learning so that they can help bring the country’s academic system up to international standards.

A typical classroom in the country under the “group teaching method” proved unsuccessful for nearly two decades. In fact, Filipino students underperformed in national achievement tests from 2006 to 2014, while they lagged their foreign counterparts in the 2018 Program for International Student Assessment and 2019 Trends in International Studies. in mathematics and science.

Preparing them to become globally competitive, the combination of the Mastery Learning Method (MLM), one-on-one tutoring and higher mental process education can improve their skills by up to 98%, according to a meta-study by a world renowned educational psychologist. Benjamin Bloom.

MLM empowers and empowers private schools so they can reinvent student learning experiences within their classrooms. While the other two strategies proved difficult for teachers to implement, adding them to the first proved effective.

By integrating technology, especially adaptive learning techniques, structural changes in the learning process of students can now be made in a feasible, consistent and cost-effective way, according to Dr. Luz Bay.

The Senior Advisor of Frontlearners Inc., who is also the Senior Psychometrician of the College Board of the United States, confirmed that the aforementioned improvements also include effective curriculum-aligned and adaptive algorithms to improve the way students learn and are taught. by teachers.

Frontlearners has led and dedicated time and resources to help private schools seamlessly integrate the Frontlearners Adaptive Mastery (AM) learning process. Its expertise, tools and systems can help school owners introduce innovation in an accessible, hassle-free and cost-effective way.

Through FAM, private school teachers can provide students with individualized learning plans and activities, quality learning materials, frequent assessments, and timely guidance and adjustments based on their own needs.

“It’s all part of Frontlearners learning solutions, [which addresses issues] in student skills,” said Leo de Velez, co-founder and chief technology officer of Frontlearners, who added that the company’s intent is to help schools develop students who are future learners and who have educational capabilities that can be truly on par with our international counterparts. .”

Jeremy S. McLain