More school system employees should be increased | Local News

In December, the school board approved a pay increase for bus drivers, raising their minimum wage from $13.64 to $15 an hour. All bus drivers got at least a 50 cent raise.

Custodians, occupational therapists and physical therapists are in line for the next round of raises, according to district human resources manager Jevelyn Bonner-Reed.

Both Elisabeth Motsinger and Lida Calvert-Hayes said the council should push the local delegation to the General Assembly to include school system employees among state employees earning at least $15 an hour.

“I hope our board, along with the NC School Board Association, will continue to point out to the General Assembly that they made $15 an hour for all state employees, but they excluded employees of the school system, and I think it’s important that we as a body insist that we truly believe that all of our employees should be paid $15 an hour as minimum wage,” Motsinger said.

In other news, school system attorney Dionne Jenkins clarified a board policy that everyone on school property must wear a mask, including parents who are in their cars dropping off. their children.

Staff members approach these cars, ask parents questions and take children’s temperatures.

Jeremy S. McLain