Library and school system collaborate on summer reading program in Wallingford

WALLINGFORD — To encourage children to read during the summer, Wallingford Public Schools and the Wallingford Public Library have collaborated on a summer reading program.

“The program is meant to motivate students and the organized resources are a way to support families,” wrote Angela Buccheri, the school system’s humanities coordinator for K-5, in a letter sent to families. “Every summer, students are at risk of forgetting some of the skills learned over the school year, a term called ‘summer slide’. The best way to ensure your child maintains the skills they have learned is to READ.

The theme for the summer reading program, which runs until August 20, is “Beyond the Beaten Path.” Children of all ages and adults can participate in programs suitable for all ages.

Kindergarten through sixth graders must read 600 minutes of any genre of book to complete the program.

Once they have completed the 600 minutes, they receive a free book from the bookstore run by library volunteers and a bag of books.

“When they achieve their goals, they can come to the library for prizes,” said Kari Hamad, head of children’s services at the library. “And then we also have other additional fun things going on here. We have missions they can participate in starting next week that go with the theme.

Children who read 1,200 minutes are entered into the grand prize draw, which includes art kits, STEM kits and book bundles.

Toddlers and preschoolers follow by pound. Hamad said that for five books, they can participate in a library scavenger hunt.

“They get a sticker, they get a little butterfly that they can put their name on, and it hangs from the ceiling,” Hamad said.

Buccheri said that in recent years there have been several summer reading programs offered, including the Governor’s Reading Challenge, a Wallingford Public Library program and a program created by school librarians.

“It gets a bit overwhelming for families to have all these different brochures and programs,” Buccheri said.

To help the library and the school district have collaborated.

“So the library aligns its curriculum with the state curriculum and then our librarians work tirelessly to try to put together a list of books and digital options and ways to support our families with our children being part of the curriculum summer reading,” Buccheri said.

This summer, the library, located at 200 N. Main St., is also hosting weekly story times, a cartoon program, a theater workshop, Pokémon night, and a Zoom watch party with marine experts and experts. ‘Arts and crafts.

Hamad said the idea of ​​the summer reading program is to maintain literacy skills acquired during the school year.

“The goal is just to read,” Hamad said.

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Jeremy S. McLain