Letter: The BA School System Should Protect – Not Punish – Affected Students | Letters to the Editor

As a retired school social worker, I am appalled that a school in our county continues to face bullying. I was saddened to read on the front page of Tulsa World (“BA kids, parents address bullying,” Feb. 15) that the students were the ones going to the adults at their school for help.

According to the student, their demands were ignored and it took the suicide of a friend for the students to organize a peaceful student-led protest to “end the bullying”. And yet the protest was met with insults, bottles thrown at them and even a suspension.

The best the school system could offer was a list of resources for students and their families. The students are not the problem; the school system must support these students and create a safe place to learn for each person.

Our Chief Medical Officer published an opinion on children’s mental health this year. The suicide rate among 15-19 year olds is at its highest.

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Kudos to the students (Rory Morrell and others) for taking action to look after themselves and demand better care in the very building where they need to be protected.

Maybe the adults at school can learn something from you.

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Jeremy S. McLain