Jackson-Madison County School System to Relocate Central Office

JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson-Madison County school officials are making changes to some buildings.

Some of these changes to students and staff are aimed at providing more space and opportunity in Jackson-Madison County schools.

“Everything we do is tied to our core values: Judgment, Motivation, Courage, Support and Service. So, thinking about using common sense, did we really want to leave a historic building vacant,” said Greg Hammond, Chief of Staff and Public Information Officer for JMCSS.

The historic building Hammond is talking about is Jackson High School. Currently, it is Madison Academic Magnet High School.

On Monday, JMCSS Superintendent Dr. Marlon King announced plans to move the district’s central office to the existing Madison Academic building on Allen Avenue.

This will be done once students and staff move into their new location near the University of Memphis Lambuth campus.

Hammond says there are a lot of opportunities that come with this decision.

“So just think about whether it’s good to put those support structures in one place, whether it’s safety, parent support, health initiatives for students and families,” he said. said Hammond.

He says the district’s central office will still be used for programs, primarily for teachers in the school system.

He also says that once construction on the new Madison college campus is complete, it will provide students with more state-of-the-art opportunities.

“It will be a beautiful state on the heart of the building when it is finished. Thinking about it, just providing opportunities for students, especially when you think about the science lab, just the updated facilities and equipment,” Hammond said.

Hammond says other school projects and construction are also underway.

Jeremy S. McLain