Iberia Parish School System plans to improve student safety

The Iberia Parish School Board plans to better train its school resource officers to prepare for a threat.

Throughout the parish, there are six public schools that have a resource officer located at the school.

As there have been different incidents of school shootings across the country, Iberia Parish wants to be proactive in its approach to keeping students safe.

“We are sending them to school resource officer certification courses, and they are currently taking active fire courses and we have two officers taking instructor level courses. So our School Resource Officers are highly trained in the environment they are in, they know exactly how to act,” said New Iberia Police Chief Todd D’Albor.

In addition to adding training for officers, Deputy Superintendent Jennifer Joseph says the technology will be part of the school board’s plan to better secure its campuses.

“We have cameras in all our schools. We also have a double lock system where they must ring the bell to enter our facilities. So we have those things in place. We have a district emergency management team that we provide training to every year so they know their roles and responsibilities,” said Jennifer Joseph.

Jeremy S. McLain