Grand Forks School System Receives Significant Department of Commerce Grant for Career Impact Academy

October 6 – GRAND FORKS – The Grand Forks school system has received a $520,000 grant from the US Department of Commerce to purchase equipment for the future Career Impact Academy and its job training programs.

The grant, released by the Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA), will be matched by $130,000 in local funds, according to a school district announcement.

The EDA funds the Red River Regional Council, which brings together the public and private sectors to create an economic development roadmap to strengthen the regional economy, support private investment and create jobs.

The grant was funded by the U.S. Bailout Economic Adjustment Assistance Program to support business and workforce development efforts in North Dakota.

The proposed Career Impact Academy represents a collaborative partnership between several entities in the Grand Forks area. Upon completion, the facility will provide hands-on, relevant technical and vocational education experiences for students in this region, as well as specialized training for adults.

Area high school students will be able to graduate from high school and earn professional credentials or college credits. The Academy will offer training paths for 10th, 11th and 12th year students.

The various participating post-secondary institutions may offer training pathways, certifications and degree programs for adult learners.

The Career Impact Academy, an entity of the Grand Forks Public Schools, is governed by the Grand Forks School Board. It will be located near the intersection of Gateway Drive and 42nd Street.

Jeremy S. McLain