Glenview Dist. 34 celebrates the almost complete renovations at the Springman Middle School

Dave Tosh, a Glenview Park council commissioner who worked at Springman from 1963 to 1994 and continues to volunteer at the school, cut the ribbon for the newly renovated Springman Middle School. Behind Tosh was the volleyball team Springman about to compete in the gymnasium named in honor of Tosh. (Tom Robb/Photo Diary)

“Glenview includes the value of education,” School Dist. 34 Supt. Dane Delli said before the ribbon was cut on the Springman Middle School recently renovated in the afternoon on Monday, September 12.

Delli said the project, part of a larger series of district-wide renovations and building additions, is enabling full-day kindergarten for the first time in district history this year. The district-wide construction projects were funded in part by a $119 million referendum bond issue.

More Dist. 34 school ribbon cuttings are scheduled for the coming days and weeks at Westbrook School at 5 p.m. on Monday, September 19, Henking School at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20, and Lyon School at 5 p.m. Wednesday, September 21.

Delli said work in Springman and throughout the district isn’t complete, but a tour of the building showed most improvements in public areas of the school are complete.

Dave Tosh cut the ribbon to Springman, a Glenview Park Board commissioner who worked in Springman from 1963 to 1994 and continues to volunteer at the school daily.

Dave Tosh, a Glenview Park Board commissioner who worked at Springman from 1963 to 1994 and continues to volunteer at the school daily to this day, stands next to a recently dedicated plaque naming Springman’s gymnasium the headquarters Social by Dave Tosh on Monday after cutting the ribbon to mark almost renovation work in Springman. (Tom Robb/Photo Diary)

Delli said one of the significant renovations was to Springman’s gymnasium, which is now large enough for the whole school to gather for a gymnasium assembly at once. Due to a lack of capacity, prior to the renovations, Springman officials were forced to hold multiple assemblies, dividing assembly attendance by grade.

Members of the Springman Middle School seventh-grade volleyball team (in black) warm up against Springman eighth-grade students (in white) before a game against Caruso Middle School in Deerfield, where the Springman principal , Megan Russel, was main, in a new larger and renovated Springman gymnasium. , dubbed ‘Dave Tosh’s headquarters’ after a groundbreaking ceremony marking renovations largely completed on Monday. (Tom Robb/Photo Diary)

Touring the building with district officials found more natural light streaming through windows to interior courtyards, wider staircases, wider hallways, newly updated classroom furnishings including desks standing, floor, and regular table-level seating, with most chairs, tables, desks, and even some cabinets, on casters to more quickly transform classrooms for different types of learning environments.

A new part of the renovations largely completed at Glenview School Dist. 34’s Springman Middle School features floor-to-ceiling windows and new courtyards that let more natural light into the building, as seen during a tour of the school after a ribbon cutting on Monday. (Tom Robb/Photo Diary)

In addition to public spaces, Springman and other schools have seen renovations to mechanical rooms, roofs, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

ASSISTANT SUPPORT. for business services, Eric Miller said the district’s overall project had experienced cost overruns, but said he and other district officials, architects and project managers were working to reduce those costs.

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Jeremy S. McLain