EBR School System Claims No Significant Increase in Employee Absences Wednesday Despite Expected ‘Sickness’

BATON ROUGE — East Baton Rouge school officials say there was no significant increase in employee absences Wednesday, the day of a “sickness” organized by teachers in response to the outbreak cases of coronavirus on school campuses.

The East Baton Rouge School Parish School System reported 760 total employee absences from schools, saying the number was a combination of non-COVID and non-COVID absences. The school system says it has recently averaged about 762 absences per day, which can be attributed to the current flu and coronavirus outbreak.

“We are committed to providing high quality education to our students while continuing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. We have taken proactive measures throughout the pandemic to mitigate the spread through continued masking; mandatory weekly staff testing; deep cleaning and sanitation; vaccination and booster clinics. We continued to keep the lines of communication open to all unions and educator associations in our organization and were able to hear and respond to the concerns of those who wished to speak with myself and the leadership staff,” the superintendent said. Sito Narcisse in a press release.

Jeremy S. McLain