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Spending rises 54% per student as COVID infusion totals over $1 billion

Michigan House Democrats tweeted a quote recently from State Rep. Shri Thanedar, D-Detroit, lamenting a lack of funding for the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

“Detroit’s kids deserve better, and we should do better for them,” Thanedar’s quote reads, implying that Detroit students are losing out on literacy funding.

But the district received 54% more in funding per student than the state average in 2020-21. The struggling school system also received the largest infusion of federal COVID-19 dollars of any district in the state.

Detroit schools received $18,469 per student in the 2020-21 school year, according to the Michigan Department of Education’s financial report known as Bulletin 1014. The schoolwide average condition is $12,018. Grosse Pointe schools, located in an affluent suburb of Detroit, received a per-student allocation of $14,563 in 2020-21. Detroit schools received $1.28 billion in federal COVID-19 funds, more than any other district. Its federal funding is equivalent to $28,618 per student.

Schools in the Benton Harbor area received $47.1 million in COVID-19 relief funds, or $29,356 per student. The Beecher Community School District received $20 million, or $28,620 per student. Grosse Pointe schools received $11.4 million, which equates to $1,676 per student, or $26,942 less than Detroit’s student allowance.

“Budget Updates: The quality of a child’s education shouldn’t depend on where they live. Detroit kids deserve better and we should do better for them.” MI House Democrats tweeted on April 28.

Jeremy S. McLain