Carteret County School System Achieves High Teacher Satisfaction Scores

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) – An Eastern Carolina school system had the highest overall teacher satisfaction scores in several areas, according to a survey of teachers.

Nearing a 99.9% response rate, school system officials say CCPS received the highest regional satisfaction scores in the areas of community support and involvement, behavior of students, school management and security.

Carteret County Schools Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson said he was proud the school system had the highest overall teacher satisfaction scores in the region.

“There is no doubt that the most important factor in the academic success of students is the quality of the teacher. Our school system is fortunate to be served by incredible teachers and staff and we know that retaining high quality teachers is paramount to our continued success. Considering everything we’ve overcome, I couldn’t be happier than to know that our teachers are among the most satisfied with their working conditions in the state. We know there are areas to work on, and we will, but for now, I smile with appreciation for each person in each school who is leading the effort to serve our teachers as they serve our students.

The results were recorded throughout the North Carolina Teachers’ Working Conditions Survey, conducted every two years.

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Jeremy S. McLain