Bomb hoax: Amritsar school management reaches out to cautious parents : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Neha Saini

Amritsar, September 8

The bomb threat message hoax for DAV School caused panic among parents, who did not want to send their children to school for a few days. The school opened today as police teams and school staff remained on guard throughout the day for the facts.

Meanwhile, the management contacted the concerned parents to assure them that everything was fine at the school. “The call certainly caused a stir among pupils and parents, but with the intervention of the police we managed to comb through the school premises overnight. I personally reached out to parents and students, assuring them that there was nothing to worry about and that it was all a hoax. Of course, parents’ first reaction was not to send their children to school, but throughout the day we talked to them and shared the details of the situation,” said Pallavi Sethi, director of the public school DAV.

Even though attendance remained around 30%, Dr Pallavi said some students showed courage by attending the school. “I am grateful to the students and parents who showed up to school today. Everything is normal and the safety of a student is our top priority,” she added.

The school management has set up an advisory team to speak to parents and students, if they have any questions or concerns.

Parents remain worried

Jyoti Kapoor, whose daughter is a Class XI student at DAV Public School, said after reading about the virus threat, her immediate reaction was not to let her daughter go to school for a few days. “Of course as a parent you wouldn’t send your child to school after reading something like this until all the facts are out. I’ll see how things go for a day or two. “, she added.

Likewise, Ankita, whose son is a Class VIII student, is also cautious about sending her son to school. “Although my son’s classmates went to school today, I will wait a few days.”

The parents of the pupils, who came to school today, remained seated in the waiting room on the school premises until the end of the lessons.

Jeremy S. McLain