BK TecHouse Unveils New Version of School Management System | The new times

BK TecHouse, a subsidiary of BK Group, has unveiled a new version of its Urubuto school management system, an upgrade that is expected to revolutionize the education sector in the country.

The technology solutions provider for businesses and institutions released the latest update in October aiming to revolutionize the education sector in Rwanda into a 100% integrated school management and tuition payment solution based on technology.

The Urubuto Education System integrates its comprehensive payment platform with financial institution systems to offer URUBUTOPAY, a decentralized tuition payment system that was designed with parents and schools at the center to streamline students and their families while by simplifying reconciliation for schools.

Currently, Urubuto has been successfully integrated with financial institutions such as Umwalimu SACCO and Bank of Kigali to enable automatic fee payment for all their customers.

Urubuto has also been successfully integrated with MTN Mobile Money and Airtel Money.

The Urubuto platform is the industry standard for payments and claims in education, providing parents and students at all levels of education (primary, secondary and university) with a seamless payment experience , convenient, and secure while accelerating fund flows and streamlining operational processes for school funding and management. bursar offices.

For students, parents and guardians, the system offers real-time payment without the need to present a physical payslip to the school as the school is notified of the payment in real time. Students, parents and guardians receive an immediate electronic payment receipt indicating that the fee has reached the school’s account in BK and showing the remaining balance.

For schools, the system offers easy payment collection without physical contact, reduced risk of fraud via fake bank slips as well as the ability to track and manage all fee payments.

The system also generates automated SMS reminders for overdue and overdue payments and can generate advanced analytical data reports.

Schools also receive close and detailed real-time reports of all payments collected through the BK account, as well as the ability to send automated SMS reminders to parents with outstanding balances.

Claude Munyangabo, General Manager of BK TecHouse, noted that the development aims to provide practical technology for the greater good, which is what we aim for.

“The Urubuto Education system is a solution in an industry that constantly forces you to innovate and adapt to changes in the ecosystem. With the particular social context of the pandemic, we had to do just that, realize that we have to give our customers the right tools”,

“We aim to provide convenience at all levels of schools, from authorizing tuition payment with Urubuto Pay, to a comprehensive education management system, to redesigning the global education. Urubuto Pay is now online and parents can pay their children’s school fees with just a few clicks. The school will receive instant notification and direct reconciliation removing the need for paperwork and human error,” he said.

Going forward, he noted that the firm remains open to working with other financial institutions to further enable the adoption of a cashless economy.

“We are always looking for business partners in financial institutions, as UrubutoPay is currently available to schools that do business with Bank of Kigali and Umwalimu SACCO. We hope that all other banks will see the need to integrate with us to allow schools that do business with them to use our solution,” he added.

Jeremy S. McLain