Better finances allow the school system to restore its administrative position | Anniston

The Anniston City school system is in much better financial shape than in recent years, allowing school officials to reinstate a position that had been combined with another position as a cost-cutting measure.

During a business session and meeting called Thursday evening, the Anniston Board of Education discussed and unanimously passed a measure authorizing the position of director of federal programs. Sabrina Winfrey is the Executive Director of Federal Programs and Anniston City School District Curriculum and Instruction. She will now be able to concentrate on this last element, the program and teaching, under her sole responsibility.

School board president Robert Houston said after the meeting when Dr. D. Ray Hill was hired as superintendent in 2019 that the school system didn’t have a lot of money.

“So we consolidated some positions that were previously standalone positions, federal programs, academic programs, transportation, all of those went to one person, Dr. Winfrey, she was overwhelmed trying to do all of these things, so what we’re doing now is dividing up all of these things like they did before,” Houston said.

“We have the money to do it the right way,” he said.

In other business, Tiesha Rasheed, Human Resources and Accounting Coordinator, gave an update on the first-ever job fair held earlier this month to recruit staff.

Rasheed said a total of 89 candidates were present for 26 vacancies, offers were extended to 15 candidates some of whom will receive signing bonuses. Rasheed thanked all the directors, board members and staff who made the job fair a success.

Hill reminded everyone in attendance that the Anniston Changers will be sprucing up Anniston High School’s Lott-Mosby Stadium and stadium on April 23.

Hill said the country home will also benefit from an upgrade through a partnership with Kia Motors. The school system is removing the obsolete boiler and replacing it with instantaneous water heaters for the showers. Kia Motors buys new weights for the country house as well as other renovations, including painting.

Hill said there will be a fundraising day May 7 at the stadium to raise money for Anniston High Athletics.

Ken Gobels, facilities coordinator for the Anniston City school system, said work should be complete by the end of the month, in time for spring football practice.

— Council discussed the 2022-2023 student code of conduct which will be voted on at an upcoming meeting

— The board unanimously approved joining the East Alabama Cooperative Purchasing Agreement allowing the school system to bypass the competitive bidding process to obtain certain items, including vehicles.

Hill said the co-op membership fee is $500 and allows the school system to use local suppliers.

— Approved a day trip in math and science.

Jeremy S. McLain