Back-to-school planning tips to ease stressful mornings

Back to school is fast approaching, which means the chaotic morning scrambles are on their way. If that phrase alone makes you cringe, don’t worry – this year we’ve got you covered! Organizational coach and trainer Vaishali Sahni shared some amazing tips and tricks for getting organized for September, saving you time and stress every day.

Check out her tips below to help your little ones get ready for back to school!


To save time on weekday mornings, wash, dry and cut fruits and vegetables on weekends. You can store them in large mason jars in the fridge, then easily grab them during the week and add them to lunches. They are also perfect as after school snacks!


These lunch boxes make it super quick and easy to pack food! You can just toss everything you have in the fridge and pantry, and end up with a healthy lunch that isn’t boring or repetitive. Try packing things like crackers, cheese, fruits, vegetables, pasta salad, sandwiches, and Greek yogurt into the different compartments. When buying a lunch box, make sure it’s easy to open, durable, leak-proof, and has at least one large compartment that can hold a sandwich.


As soon as the clothes come out of the dryer, make outfits for the kids instead of hanging and folding everything. Each outfit can include a top, bottom, underwear, and socks. Roll it up into a ball and place it in its organizer, then in the morning kids can grab a ball and get dressed quickly and easily. You might want to check the week’s weather before doing this, just to make sure the outfits are appropriate.


In the first month of school, the lost and found bins are usually already overflowing. It’s so important that parents label everything they send to school so kids can pick up their items! You can use no-iron clothing labels, as they are easier to apply, or you can use printed sticker labels, as they are durable and do not fall off easily.


A great idea for back to school, you can create a small security station with masks and hand sanitizer. This makes it quick and easy for kids to grab a mask on the way out, and also has a bin for dirty masks that need to be washed. They can also help themselves to hand sanitizer whenever they need it.

Jeremy S. McLain