Arlington School System Makes Administrative Appointments

Previously, modestly sized school systems were limited to one superintendent, a number of assistant superintendents, principals, teachers, and support staff.

These days, job descriptions have gotten a little more creative, as some new recruits to the Arlington school system show.

• Dimar Brown has been appointed director of talent acquisition and management. Most recently, he served as a recruitment strategist for the Baltimore City School District (Md.).

• Matt Thompson has been appointed as the School System Labor Relations Specialist, joining from the District of Columbia school system. Presumably, he’ll be part of the team negotiating contracts with the Arlington Education Association now that collective bargaining — for now at least — is legal again for local governments in Virginia.

• Sara Putnam has been named Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, where she, in the words of the school system’s press release, “will use data and resources to inform how to create learning opportunities that are meaningful to students, teachers, and administrators with the goal of having a positive impact on learning.

Putnam is a 20-year veteran of the Arlington school system.

Jeremy S. McLain