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CHENNAI: Following the mega meeting of parents across the state to raise awareness on School Management Committees (SMCs), the reconstitution of the committees in a democratic process will begin on April 23. Officials said it would take place in four phases, starting with the middle schools.

The reconstitution process will begin in 6,849 colleges on April 23. Since there are more than 24,000 primary schools, half will choose SMC members on April 30, and the rest on May 7. “The process in the 3,063 high schools and 3,083 high schools will take place in the fourth week of June as we don’t want to disrupt their operation during the final exams,” an education department official said, adding that a observer will be sent to each school to offer advice in the selection of committee members.

In accordance with the Right to Education Act, each school must have an SMC consisting of parents/guardians of pupils, teachers and elected representatives of the local authority. Out of 20 panel members, at least 15 must be parents/guardians and 50% must be women. Representation should be given to parents/guardians of disadvantaged groups, in accordance with the law.

Currently, only a few schools across the state have active SMCs. The Department of Education is working under the “Nam Palli, Nam Perumai” (Our School, Our Pride) initiative to replenish SMCs to improve the quality of schools. “This is the first large-scale attempt to reconstitute SMCs. Sufficient time should be given to SMCs to mature as an institution. It could take a few years of continued effort,” a senior department official said.

Parents involved
More than 23 lakh parents participated in the sensitization meetings organized regarding SMC in 37,558 schools across the state on March 20

Jeremy S. McLain