AllHome hands over newly renovated school facilities to the Las Piñas School System through AllHome Builds

Since its inception, AllHome, the nation’s pioneering full-range drop-in center, has supported the cause of education through its social and civic responsibility arm, AllHome Builds. This initiative, in addition to promoting a responsible and sustainable way of life for its stakeholders, has championed the improvement of the quality of educational institutions in the communities of which AllHome is a part – particularly timely as the country continues to recover from the pandemic, a recovery that also signals the resumption of face-to-face classes.

Sharing the government’s efforts for a smooth transition to a post-pandemic scenario, AllHome recently handed over newly renovated school facilities to the annex of Pulanlupa-Camella Primary School, a public school in Las Piñas. Through an initiative led by AllHome Vice President Camille Villar, AllHome Builds renovated the school’s multi-purpose hall, donating much-needed equipment such as air conditioning units, one-piece chairs and construction equipment. paint. More than 1,200 new students will benefit from this initiative, preparing the school for the next school year and improving the quality of their face-to-face learning.

From left to right: Dr. Minerva B. Arroza, Sheila L. Porras (Principal II), Congw. Camille Villar, Raygeinald Villacorta (Deped Las Pinas)

“Education is a cause that is very close to my heart and that shares the values ​​of AllHome as an organization. This initiative we have undertaken for Pulanlupa Primary School is our way of taking that first step to inspire the recovery of all our schools after the COVID-19 pandemic,” Villar said.

She adds, “We truly believe that our young Filipino students hold the keys to our future, and we, through AllHome Builds, intend to improve the quality of education in the communities we are part of, a school at a time.”

The newly renovated multi-purpose hall provides teachers, staff and students of the Pulanlupa-Camella Elementary School Annex with a suitable venue for learning opportunities and school functions. This initiative aims to continue to provide spaces, like that of the Pulanlupa-Camella Elementary School Annex, that are conducive to expanded learning, community-building, and the cultivation of a positive classroom climate that can motivate students and put them in better positions to use their education for their own betterment, as well as that of their community.

AllHome through AllHome Builds shares the honor of giving back to its respective communities with its valued suppliers and business partners such as Haier, Kolin, Uratex and Rain or Shine. Together, AllHome Builds will continue to fulfill its mandate to improve the lives of Filipino communities.

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Jeremy S. McLain