A New York teacher denounces the travesty of our public school system

What is an end-of-school-year exam for? New York State looks uncertain.

A teacher has published a detailed expose proving that a child can pass the New York Regents Algebra Exam by simply guessing all the C’s.

Ed Knight weaves a great story on Medium of a student named River who finds himself in legal trouble and ends up missing most of the school year. Knight admits he has a thing for River, a child of a single father who lives in a trailer, and when River comes to him asking for advice on how to pass an exam he has no knowledge of. , Knight suggests the “Cs” trick.

What is absolutely appalling is that he work. River actually deviated to two B answers when the two correct answers were C – and still managed to pass the exam.

Knight explains that it works because a student only needs to score 19.8% to pass the exam. A parody.

Although we are all aware of the demise of merit and rigor in our public schools and how stupid our schools have become, to see it in such stark terms is still shocking. What is the point of a test that can be passed with guesswork? What’s the point of school if a child can guess on the exam, pass it, and move on to the next grade?

What’s worse is that it mostly happens to children in public schools. They take the Regents exam to show what they have learned. this is part of their final grade in the course. Some private schools use the Regents tests, but academically rigorous ones do not. Knight notes that the exams are “state tests with college scholarships and graduation requirements at stake.” And a child only needs 19.8% to pass it. Ashamed.

Parents of private schools, who want rigor, would they agree? Would they accept that their child did not need to score 20% on a test to pass? Why do parents in public schools who have fewer options have to accept such a failure?

Of course, we can say that it is a victory that the regents of algebra are administered. Last year, the Regents story was canceled statewide due to a shooting in Buffalo. If it doesn’t make sense to you, that’s because it doesn’t make sense.

It’s wrong that those without means have their children stuck in systems that minimize education in this way. It’s an embarrassment to the New York school system. But it’s also abominable that kids who don’t just guess all the Cs on that weak exam — who actually work and study — can’t easily leave this system for a real education.

Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey
Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey is letting families decide if the public school system is right for them.
AP/Ross D.Franklin

Recently, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law an expansive bill granting school choice to Arizona families. The law provides up to $7,000 per family to opt out of the public school system. It was so popular that the state school choice website crushed when it came into effect. In February, the Wisconsin school choice website also crashed.

Parents want options. It’s not fair that only rich parents have these options in New York.

Corey DeAngelis, a school choice activist whose slogan “Funding students, not systems” has resonated with parents across the country, told me, “New York is way behind the choice curve. from school. New York has no initiative for families to bring their children’s taxpayer-funded education money to the education providers of their choice.

New York students
Some private schools use the Regents tests, but academically rigorous ones do not.
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He added: “Children should no longer be trapped in failing public schools. Education funding is for the education of children, not for the protection of any particular institution.

Parents would not run away from public school systems if their child’s educational needs were met. But academics seem like a side-hustle in schools right now, something teachers will get to grips with after they finish reviewing gender ideology and critical race theory. Every moment devoted to awakened ideology is a moment not devoted to academics. And it shows.

Knight revealed how broken New York State’s system really is. Now it’s up to parents to demand that New York do something about it.

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Jeremy S. McLain